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Share a pot of tea with your loved one each night and enjoy the magic of Tea & Marriage. Set includes 39 oz. scrolled porcelain tea pot, two 6 oz. scrolled cup & saucer, a beautiful wood tea box with ceramic tile lid stocked with an assortment of 24 herbal and decaf teas from Davidson's Organics, and a Tea & Marriage guide. This set is perfect to cozy up with your beloved for years of happiness.


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About Tea & Marriage

We started Tea & Marriage to share with others a simple tradition that has stood the test of 12 years of marriage. Its origin is lost to history, but we have been ending our day with a pot of tea since the earliest days of our time together. It is not the only reason our marriage is a happy one, but it is a day-to-day ritual that ends each day on a pleasant note of Togetherness. If you follow our simple prescribed routine with religious devotion, you will be rewarded with a daily sliver of Balance in your busy life.

Tea & Marriage Philosophy

What does tea have to do with marriage?
Everything. And Nothing. Tea is the medium through which each day a sliver of time is carved from the busy world to spend with one's beloved. Each day, at the end of the day, brew a pot of tea and sip it with your loved one. This can be done while enjoying any shared activity: reading, watching television, snuggling. The drinking of tea with your adored should become an inviolable tradition, omitted only when an impossible distance of time or space intervenes.

What type of tea should we drink?
A wise man said, "It does not matter so long as your loved one is with you."

How do I make tea?
Step 1: Boil water
Step 2. Pour over tea

[In truth, it is more complicated, but we are not tea snobs. Use a tea bag or use loose tea...we don't care. Just drink it together every day-even cheap tea that the tea police would frown upon. Just drink the tea.]

Really, how do I make tea?
Step 1: Boil water
Step 2. Allow the water to cool. The best temperature for brewing tea depends on the type of tea.
White Tea, 65-70 °C, 1-2 minutes
Green Tea, 75-80 °C, 1-2 minutes
Oolong Tea, 80-85 °C, 2-3 minutes
Black Tea, 99°C, 2-3 minutes

Will drinking tea bless us with a blissful marriage?
Quite possibly. Especially if you have married the right person.

What do I do after drinking tea?
Tell your partner that you love them. Brush your teeth. Go to bed. You may choose the order.

-Rebecca & Michael